Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Any one will do!
Actually, do some research out there and find a good magazine fit for you and your family. Magazines that focus on kids and kids stuff are the best. I get a ton of ideas from my favorite "Family Fun." This magazine is STUFFED full of fun, easy crafts and 90% of the time I have the stuff I need already in my house. I LOVE it. One tip: Family Fun is really geared towards school aged kids, witch some toddler activities. Still, I have been able to adapt a lot of the projects for my young-un's. If you're looking more for recipes and more articles (especially for tween+ kids) try FamilyCircle. I LOVE the recipes in this one, and it's got a lot of articles with great tips for all aspects of your family life, including your marriage!
Here's what I love to do with my magazines once I've read through them: I have a couple file folders marked for Tips, Recipes, and Crafts & Activities. Then I skim through the magazines and rip out the pages I'll use again and file them away. Then I let my four year old have his way with it. We find letters, pictures, etc and glue them to papers. Then, I recycle what's left!
One tip: Don't pay full price. Check out sites like where you can get discounts and incentives for certain magazines. That way, you get points for buying it and you save as well.

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