Monday, September 21, 2009


I’ve found an awesome way for all of us to save. It’s a site called Cool things like gift certificates, electronics and lots of other stuff sell for $3 and $4! No joke!
Here’s how it works: you buy bids from the site. The lowest package is for 25 bids at $18.75. Then you go to the site and bid. I’ve been watching it and things like Walmart and Visa gift certificates for $50 and $100 dollars sell for right around $3. So even if you use all your bids getting a $50 gift certificate and you pay $4, that still only equals $22.75. You just got $27.25 for FREE!
Bidcactus ( even has an information center that gives tips on how to bid, how Bidcactus works, and why they’re able to sell these high priced items for so cheap. I would recommend signing up, and then spending a few hours just watching the site to see how it works. (Like when you’re folding laundry or something else). I even researched other sites for you and even at ebay the discounts don’t even come close. Let’s try it!

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